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Envy Valeting an introduction and a SPECIAL OFFER

Envy Valeting

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Who are Envy Valeting?


Keen car enthusiast Tim formed Envy Valeting in 2006.


Driven by the need for perfection in all he does has seen Envy go from strength to strength.


Not just a simple wash and wax. Tim will turn upside down your vehicles appearance and your expectations of what can be done.


Using products from all the major manufacturers such as Swissvax, Autosmart, and the catchy Dodo Juice range to name but a few; Envy pick the best and aim for the very best for you and your vehicle.


Detailing is often found in 2 forms:

1) Protection detail, where the vehicle is subject to washing, claying, paint cleansing and protection. If the preparation is skimped on, the final end result will be a compramise and not show the vehicle off in its true light. Many owners comment at the cleansing stage that their vehicles look amazing and the process must be finished. Not true, the wax is then the icing on the cake and offers months of protection thereafter (if washed correctly). Typically a protection detail can be carried out in a day, vehicle size dependant.


2) The Correction detail, as above but after the claying stage the vehicle is subject to extensive paint thickness measurements to ensure its safe to machine polish. If there is not enough paint thickness, it may not be possible to carry out this stage. Machine polishing (not mopping) results in as flawless a finish as possible. Swirl marks and minor scratches are polished out from the surface of the paint (and not filled) ready to carry on with the cleanse and protect stage (as above). A Correction detail is typically 1-2 days work vehicle size dependant and is for those that are perfectionists, and/or want their vehicles to look the very best they possibly can.


Envy are fully mobile and fully equipped be it a wash, to a full machine polish and paint correction. The most common customer response is "its better than when it was new".


More recently we have added our online detailing shop, which can be found via the website and we only stock products we use and know ourselves and have faith in.


As such Tim has decided to have a 1 week special offer as an introduction and a thankyou for the warm welcome to the forum!

Tim will offer a 10% refund on all purchases via Paypal (shop checkout provider) and a 10% discount on all card purchases (telephone orders) from the goods total.




Please note if you order bulkier items such as Activo, snow foam, revolution wheel cleaner etc that the P+P figures after 2kg get a lot dearer BUT do not increase and you are covered up to 25kg of weight, so if you hit 2 kg KEEP SHOPPING! Please also note that Postage cannot be taken into account as this is based on actual costs and packaging materials are NOT charged for.


1 Week introductory offer. Many thanks for your support.

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