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Climate control screwed


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OK, new to the 370Z and, 1 week in, I've fecked it....😔


I wanted to upgrade the stereo to a double DIN and so, following a YT video, I removed the old one. I came to try and remove the big white box below the stereo and I couldn't get the damn electrical plug out. Spent an hour with various tools, broke nails - no, damn thing wouldn't budge. Then had a total brain fart and decided that the big white box was part of the old stereo, I didn't need it, so I basically broke it off at the motherboard.


Yeah....I'm that guy....


So, turns out the box is the climate control unit and now, no fans, heating controls, aircon...


I bought a secondhand box off ebay for £80. The part number was 1 letter out from mine (best I could do) and this unit isn't working either.


However, maybe it needs coding to the car - does anyone know?

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Bugger....any other ideas why it doesn't work? The part number was one digit different at the end but why should they be different? The Z has hardly changed in 10 years so why change the climate control unit?

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There are various 350Z models and the air con module is model specific.


I should have fully working modules in stock so if you can PM me over the part # that you require I will check for you.


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