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AC clutch not engaging...


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So I've read a few forum posts on AC issues. It looks oos like my AC clutch isn't engaging. 


Should I be able to hear a click from the relay? Or is the click only from the clutch engaging which obviously it's not.


Knowing the issue is the clutch I checked the 10A AC fuse in the back box of the engine bay. Looks visually fine. I know there are 3 relays in that box for the AC as well, how can I test them?


How easy is it to reach the AC compressor plug and manually test it engages with 12v?


Just in case it's relevant I've also noticed my washer jets have packed in recently, unsure if there's a connection between those 2 systems.

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4 hours ago, mr v6 said:

Could just be low on refrigerant gas. Does 1 of the cooling fans come on when you switch it on using the panel? I thought at least one of them should, maybe even both. That should eliminate some of the system.

I had it refilled a few weeks back and it was lovely and cool straight away. I assume it's pumped in refrigerated.


Also I'm assuming the AC clutch doesn't really care of the system is full or empty? If you press on the clutch should engage?

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