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Chipping Between Panels after Impact


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After a severe impact, I see these which were never seen before:
2141414457_LeftFrontFenderChipping.jpg.8c58266229c0a4871057281858fff708.jpg976720800_ChipDetail.jpg.f5c678264ab78691a0ecb50fb713c70c.jpgThey are in several places around the car where body panels meet. 
This is after after an impact to my 2020 370z base coupe with 32,000 km.
From the physical details of the impact, I believe that this chipping was caused by diagonal twisting torque over the entire car.
The chipping looks to be the white finish, removed by pressure or flexing, revealing the dark base coat/primer.
I believe they are from the accident and/or towing and repairs since.
How should this be repainted properly? Panels removed or on the car?
Has anyone seen this before?
Does anyone agree that this is from impact or other flexion, not rock chips or other normal wear?


The impact creamed the LeftRear wheel and suspension. This damage has been repaired, the chipping between panels remain, determining their cause is my question.
1998038345_LeftRearImpact.jpg.fdd01e907e2e5def14f7a1bf7551d630.jpgCar was parked, so the impact required replacement of both *curbed* RightSide wheels, too. Since they were curbed, the impact diagonally bent the entire car’s frame/body assembly.


The other (SUV) was totaled, lost its RightFront wheel entirely.556986870_OtherCar.jpeg.375ba36f88f18dedd0da4e9ae4865fa0.jpeg
That wheel is acting like an emergency brake, you can see it under the RightRear wheel.
Forceful impact. Was 3 cars further down when stopped.
Uninsured, unlicensed, 2 kids in not-his car.
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Resized photos and rewrote for clarity.
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