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WTB: NON Brembo Calipers & Carriers


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Anyone breaking an import or upgraded one to Brembos and have the old calipers knocking around?


I’m assured by the M35 community that they’re the same all round as the ones on my Stagea so after at least a rear pair with carriers or full front and rear set so I can send them away to be refurbed without having the car immobile on stands as I have a sticking rear one at the moment so need to sort it. 

Seeing if there’s a cheap enough set that I can then get rebuilt and colour coated at the same time before buying new ones and just running the OEM finish. 

Thanks in advance.

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Apologies for the very delayed response guys, was on this and then a motorbike opportunity arose so the car has sat unloved since whilst I sold a bike and bought a new one (I commute on a bike daily hence becoming the priority). Along with MOTing another one of my bikes and some maintenance to it while it bridges the gap as my daily. 

So that’s almost sorted now and the new bike should be on the road in the next few days then can look back towards the car in the near future.

However, surprisingly the wife has told me not to scrimp and just do it properly and go for the Brembo conversion so at some point I’ll be doing that once my bank balance has recovered a bit from the bike purchase and all the tax, insurance and maintenance outlays 😅🤑

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