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Orange key light and no fire up


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I posted this night but I can’t see any replies. Anyway, having recently read about the immobiliser problem on 2010 370s, and ignoring it, I have suddenly joined the ranks of those with cars that refuse to start.


The problem started with the orange key light coming on and having changed the fob battery all seemed to be well until the following day when the car refused to start or turn on any of the acc equipment. I have read about  a known problem with the steering lock which was the subject of a recall in the USA but not in the UK it seems.


This can be a very expensive repair, but I gather from reading various posts that a swift tap with a small hammer can sometimes release the lock after which I should remove the offending fuse To stop the same thing happening again.


Fixing things with hammers is right up my street but knowing that nothing ever goes according to plan I thought I would contact the forum for latest advice.




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Thank you. With help from a friend with a 370 it is sorted. The tapping the lock mechanism under the dash with a light hammer sorted it but it soon went back and then resisted the hammer treatment. Finding the magic pink wire going in to the lock mechanism and touching it to ground fixed it so I could move the car and get to the main fuze box by the battery. With ACC on I extracted the fuze. Ok now thanks.

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