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SOLD - "Rust-proof" W Brace for sale (Genuine Nissan)


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As most of you will know the Nissan OEM W Brace isn't very well rust proofed and as a result is the first thing to rust away on a 350Z.   I bought one from Torqen but didn't end up using it  (long story but in short I thought my exising brace would foul on my new exhaust).


Anyway I rust proofed the brace as much as possible:


1.  Firstly degreased it

2. One coat of zinc primer

3. One coat of Rusbuster's thick EM121 epoxy mastic paint

4. Top coat of matt white paint

5. Finally sprayed Rustbust Corrolan waxoil cavity wax into all the nooks and cranny's


As you can see from the pics it has a really thick coating of paint, especially in the joints.


Anyway as it's not been used and I've spent the time and money rust protecting it I so just want to get back what i paid for it, £235.  Price now £199.


Free collection from the Peterborough area or I can post out for the cost of the postage.








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