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Any idea what these odd noises are?

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Took the car for a drive. 35 mins later something evidently was wrong, flashing CEL. Pulled over and it stopped. Then started again and stayed solid - I got a P0300 code for random multiple misfire, however it didn't sound like it was misfiring and pulled just as well as it usually did. Nursed her home (only 2 minutes) but realised a very odd sound coming from either the gearbox or engine area, alongside a 'whining' sound when at idle... 


Any ideas? Video here: https://v.redd.it/bq6gu9dngn071

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Check the spark plugs and coil packs. Known issue with the Z. See if there is any oil or burning. 


How much engine oil are you getting through atm? Maybe a compression test is in order too?

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