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NON Brembo brake options? Where from?


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Right guys, my Stagea runs the touring brakes but I’m struggling to find discs and pads for it. All the ones on Tarmac are listed for Brembo setups.


Eventually I want to upgrade to the Akebono setup but currently don’t have the £3k spare to do so (£2k on brake setup and £1k on suitable 19s and tyres to go over them) and the discs and pads currently are worn beyond my liking so need changing soon.


So who’s got good recommendations for disc and pad setups for the touring/import setup and where did you find them please? 

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StopTech discs and pads in stock at TORQEN :) 



Not sure exactly on which discs we have in stock, drilled, slotted or slotted & drilled, if you want to be 100% sure please contact us tomorrow:


phone - 020 33 888 444 

whatsapp - 075 9913 9999

email - support@torqen.uk
or PM my colleague @Coz@TORQEN


Hope this helps, 


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