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Will MK2 front bumper be compatible with 2012 370Z GT


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Hello everyone, new here and need some information from a wiser head than mine. 

I want to bumper swap my 2012 GT edition front bumper for a MK2 Nismo bumper. Will this be compatible to install with same clips and bolts in the same places etc

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If you want it to fit perfectly you'll need the Nismo undertray and front section of the wheel arch liners plus the little triangular filler panels. If you want to keep your headlamp washer jet system then you'll need the Nismo jets and bumper covers although with a few mods you can re use the covers.

     You'll need to re position the front impact sensors or buy the Nismo brackets. Worth noting your washer bottle will be clearly visible through the hole where the DRL should be if you don't get Nismo DRL's. Also your aluminium bumper impact bar will be visible in a couple of places which is fixed with a coat of black paint. 

   You can swap over your Nissan emblem with a bit of patience and some foam adhesive tape. The bumper will have two holes where the Nismo badge should go but these badges can be bought cheaply from eBay.

  So yes it fits perfectly but it depends how OCD you are as too how far you go past just fitting the bumper 

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