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Do Not Reply to e-Mail Notifications


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Hi Everybody


Recently we have had a glut of occurrences of people replying by email, to forum email notifications. In the expectation that it will go directly to the sender of the PM.


If you get an email from the Forum it is intended to let you know that something occurred on the forum, of which you've asked to be notified. You need to login and engage with the PM or thread, on the forum - you can't reply to the email notification and expect it to do anything.


If you do reply to the email, it sits in the admin inbox and the intended recipient does not see your message, nor get an alert that you have replied. This is a particular problem when buying items from traders and letting the other party know you have paid, or asking questions. It causes frustration and delays for both sides of the transaction.


I hope this message is clear, but if you do have any questions about how notifications work, please do post up below.

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