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Southeast & London Japfest Convoy (2020) - South Mimms


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Hi all, 


For the fourth year running, im trying to organise what usually turns out to be a small-ish convoy of vehicles from London and the south east area to travel to Japfest together, this really helped me during my first show as i was nervous about where to go and the exact steps to get in. Every year so far we have had around 8 vehicles from the Kent and Essex area meet at South Mimms services and we travelled up to Japfest together.


As a first timer in the past this was amazingly helpful so I wanted to take the lead and organise it again.


So, the meeting place is the South Mimms Services on the M25/A1(m) Junction.


Bignells Corner, Potters Bar, Herts, EN6 3QQ


The meeting place is the car park of the BP petrol station on site (NOT the main South Mimms parking area) as it means any lowered vehicles don’t have to contend with the main car parks speed bumps, so let’s meet there again.


Feel free to arrive at any time you want as long as its ---before--- 6:40am. Any vehicles meeting at this location will be leaving at 6:40 am sharp due to the early entry requirement for Club Stand cars into Japfest. (we need to be in before 8AM) If you’re late then you’ll have to catch up.


On The Day Notes/Tips

The guys at the BP station have never given us any trouble for meeting in there as nobody else meets there, at least they haven't in the previous years we have met there, we don't clog up their site as we usually meet on the left hand side as you drive in, the parking bays there are usually empty at that time of the morning. Worth checking on this forum post if you struggle to find us, il be checking in, trying to find anyone that gets lost, or if we have to change locations on site.


For large sections of the M25 and M1, there are speed cameras on the side, or above the motorway gantry's, so, drive how you want, but just be aware they're there. Whoever ends up leading (i have for most of the previous years) needs to remember that too. My sat-nav tells me the locations so if I just to happen to doing 71mph, its "safe" to do so.


Also, once we turn off of the M1, you'll know, it looks like you're turning into a services, just cool it WAY down. There will be a police speed gun in almost every single lay-by in the last few miles to Japfest, there has been every single year ;) 


When you get close to the circuit, ensure you have you car club stand tag hung on your mirror or visibly on your dashboard and everyone in the vehicle has their entry tickets to hand to ensure you don't hold up the queue!


We haven't (yet) been allocated a club stand number, but these are Txx and Bxx (Tunnel or Bridge). If we have Tunnel (fingers crossed, tunnel is fun!), you turn Left after getting through the ticket gates, if we have Bridge, you turn right. Il update this section as and when we get stand allocation provided to us.


Sorry if i sound like your mum :lol: i just don't want anyone's day to be ruined by points and a fine!


Any questions please ask , but il start the list! (Added my registration so you guys can find me as there’s usually a lot of cars meet at South Mims)


This does depend on my car actually working properly before Japfest, right now she's … a little sick... But if I drop out, I'm sure someone else will step in and handle things @Paul K;) 


1. Cs2000 (OO04 MYZ)


Please see my post further down. Due to the impending sale of my Z, and the uncertainty of who's going to be attending this October event, i have cancelled the convoy for now unless someone else wishes to take the lead.

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Hi fellas i normal would have my name down for this with also  the catering manager in the passenger seat but I'm pretty sure that  the car won't be finished by japfest Silverstone but I'm trying my best.  If it changes i Will let you know .!

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Right everyone, Kelsey have just announced that Japfest & TRAX will be running together on the 4th of October, so it looks like we will get an event this year.


Sadly, it looks like i would have sold my Z before this time :( Luckily its going to a friend who has been with me to Japfest in the past. Im not sure if we will attend October or next years event, so for now, consider this convoy cancelled.

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