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Which version to select for parts?

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Hey everyone,


First time 350Z owner and first time forum poster. Bought as a dedicated drift car but I’m not sure what vehicle I should select when looking for parts, especially on eBay. 


Take this short shifter: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Short-Shifter-Quick-Shift-Kit-for-Nissan-Fairlady-350Z-Z33-2003-2007-Models/323386930468?fits=Car+Make%3ANissan|Cars+Year%3A2007&hash=item4b4b5cf524:g:eJgAAOSwN91barfM


If you go through the make and model selection in the Compatibility section, there are 3 different ones available.





      Z33 [2002 - 2008]

        291 HP

      Z33 [2002 - 2009]

        301 HP

        313 HP


Looking at the car I think I have the Rev Up engine, it’s not the HR as no dual air intake and the front of the engine looks like a Rev Up from images I’ve seen on the front engine cover with the markings. Question is, which is mine in the 3 listed above for parts compatibility? 


My guess would be DE, Rev Up and HR for the 3 power figures, but is that it? Would that make mine the 301 HP one? The compatibility check results do change depending which one you select so I need to be sure! 

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Easiest way to check, if your rev redline is 6500 it's a de, if it's 7000 it's a rev up and 7500 Is a hr

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Both parts will work on all 350z.


That being said, you might want to reconsider your purchase, they’re not the best quality stuff in my opinion. 

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4 hours ago, ScottHelme said:

Hey Adrian, I actually have quite a nice basket put together on your site at the moment, got any forum member discounts?

Will message you shortly, thanks.

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