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370z - Dyno with parts added and UpRev

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So I got the car back a few days ago and I am happy that all is back to normal. 


I have 09 370z GT with 45k miles on the clock. 


It was at Horsham for a month and had a P3 service, spark plugs changed, diff and gearbox oil changed. Also front brake discs and pads as well as a few other bits done. 


It had fitted/installed the following parts: 

Cobra Cat Back Exhaust 

Cobra Decats 

Stillen Gen 3 Cold Air Intake 



The UpRev has made a world of difference to how the car behaves and ironically, it was the cheapest upgrade. 

Much stronger pull and earlier in the Rev range. 


347hp at the Fly. See image. 


Just wanted to say thanks to @Jez @ H-Dev and especially the mechanic Craig, top team. 


The noise is sadly too loud for me and I will be selling it shortly because of this, it was always the plan anyways. I spent too much on it anyway but sod it, you only live once. 


Here’s the car with all fitted and the Pops and Bangs which is hilariously offensive, but won’t be used again, as I am over the age of 12 lol 



Will be using Horsham for my other cars, for sure. 


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