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Toyota 2000 gt - remade Rocky 3000 gt

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I was reading about this guy who has remade the original car by hand with modern bits but looks just like the original.




Obviously still expensive but surely a car or at least body can be made by a 3d printer such is that technology these days? 

Apparently he computer scanned his own original and made a wooden buck to panel beat the aluminium panels. Amazing craftsmanship but if they can make 3d printed buildings using a spray on concrete wonder if they can make cars (obviously some plastic type resin) but the detail should be pretty good?


Why dont the manufacturers dip into their back catalogue and cherry pick their all time most popular icons? Maybe power them by electric motors ? 


Obviously Aston Martin do that now hand build a DB5 for stupid money but its not the same is it? Only for the well heeled?


Naturally it will be down to market forces and demand?


What car would you want remade in this way? 240z of course (no rust!) :lol:

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