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Hyundai IX35 2nd Gear Engagement Problem

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A mate of mine has an intermittent issue shifting into 2nd in her Hyundai IX35, it’s out of warranty and her local indy has test driven it but found nothing, their advice is to wait until it fails and deal with it then. I don’t think they’re keen to open the box up TBH. She’s not mad about the idea of waiting for it to fail and being stranded somewhere with a young ‘un in the back, so wants to be more proactive, without throwing endless money at it. 


There’s no noises, no clutch slip and no other gear shift problems. Most of the time it’s fine but, as with all intermittent issues, it never manifests when she’s got a mechanic nearby. I’m not mechanically gifted but it screams synchro problem to me as it’s just the one gear. I’ve googled it but there’s not much out there on these types of vehicle that isn’t just generic “it’s the clutch/gearbox, go to a main dealer” chat.


Any ideas?

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