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Clutch Helper Spring

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Hi All,


I've been watching some youtube videos where zed owners have gone through the various mods they have done and one guy mentioned that he removed the clutch helper spring. Apparently it makes it much easier to feel when the pressure plate is engaged. Just wondered if anyone here has done it. 



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On 26/06/2019 at 19:30, jollyranchers said:

I have one for sale , PM if interested 


The spring makes it easier to feel and hold the biting point when sat at a junction or the lights which in turn allows you to make off easier without loading the revs on for fear of stalling 

Had the clutch helper spring fitted today. Clutch pedal does feel a little bit stiffer, but am able to feel the biting point a lot better. :thumbs:

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10 minutes ago, davey_83 said:

Which spring did you order, did you go for the Mustang one? 

I bought the spring from "jollyranchers" here on the forum and don't know where it was purchased originally.


Jollyrancher did provide an ebay link though, as below.



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