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More engine rumble in cabin

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Hey guys,

I've been through YouTube and all but still cannot get a feeling around 350Z's sound.Before 350Z I had a Z4 roadster. And that car made really nice sound which you could hear all the time, even just crusising. Now I have 350Z with stock intake and exhaust. One thing I'm missing with 350Z is more sound in the cabin. Mostly down low, up to 3.000rpm. Nissan makes nice sound, but you have to be at least at 3.000rpm. I am kind split between Pop Charger or Invidia Gemini (maybe Ark Grid) exhaust.

Anyone here willing to do an on-board (cabin) video o sound with one of these two exhausts and Pop Charger with OEM exhaust? I am not looking for acceleration and WOT videos, simply cruising.

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