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Help!! 350z will not start

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Hi guys so I’m new to this hole forum thing and don’t really know what I’m doing so please bare with me. I currently have a 2006 Nissan 350z, originally I started of by doing cam cover gaskets with it, all went well but I struggled to get the cam cover off on bank 1 as it was too tight to fit through so I removed the cam phaser control solenoid to gain enough room to remove the cover. Refit all and then replaced the fan belts as the they were slipping. After completion I tried to start the car to no luck, no matter what I tried I was unable to get the car to start. It will turn over and fire initially and then dies almost immediately. So I went back through the individual coil packs to check there was no accidental switch up but all is good and was checked using Nissan approved wiring diagrams, so I moved on and checked the spark and fuel which is all present as it should be, I then glued down the intake manifolds as I was told that they be drawing to much air into the cylinders, still no good. I checked that I have a good rpm signal and good cam position signals. I have check that the car is not immobilised. I have now striped the front of the engine to expose the timing chain to check all is still in time. All is in time but bank one cam chain slackens up and certain points upon on engine rotation. I know these tensioners are oil fed but should this be doing this? As you can see Ive put a lot of time into this now and I’m really coming to the end of my tether with it all. Any help or advise would be much appreciated I hope to here from you all soon, thanks in advance 

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