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Z electrical issue


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hello, my Z has started to have a drain on the battery, being dead in a couple of days. And now after jumping it a few times over the past few weeks, the speedo is going crazy, and the odometer is increasing while i'm stationary , engine running!  Any ideas? I am trying to find the drain on the battery with a volt meter, (probably aftermarket stereo) but not had any luck so far. can't see any blown fuses either.  Its doing my pickle in! 


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This happened to mine, I found a drain coming from my stereo, never ended up doing anything about it just made sure I started it within every 2 days. I'd checked the alternator was charging and battery was good, and they were. 


Then after a month or two my alternator went caput. Changed the alternator for a 2nd hand one off zman and everything was good after. My car would last a good 2weeks before my stereo drain meant I couldnt start it.


So I think when my alternator was on it's way out it wasnt charging the battery to max and was causing funky problems.

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