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HELP/ADVICE NEEDED - Stock bose stereo periodically stops working

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So i had a problem that i thought was a one off but its happened 2 more times now.


Randomly ill start the car and the stereo will not come on. Hitting the power button and all the stereo buttons does nothing. However all the air conditioning buttons and everything else on that panel works fine. Trying to push in a cd also does nothing. After taking everything apart and putting it back together, when hitting the knee pads back into place it seems to kick it back into action, as i hear the cd ejector suddenly starts making weird noises for about 10 seconds. Then when turning the ignition on its all working again fine. And then seems to work fine for like a month and then will do it again. However this time i cant seem seem to hit it back into action. And have taken it all apart a couple of times.


Does anyone have any ideas on this??


I have taken a video to try and show the problem. Its difficult to see with not great quality, but when changing the temperature it does work, its just the stereo buttons that dont work.



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I got it working again by taking everything apart and gently hitting the cube cd unit behind the main facia. As soon as i hit it it started making noises as if to try and eject a CD for about 10 seconds, then stopped and when put back together, everything is working again.


Maybe i need to get a new cd player unit?


Lets see how long it lasts this time...

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