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What oil to use!


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Hi guys I hope someone can help,

I bought my z a few months ago and when I did the guy I bought it off gave me a load of oil which he had been using for it.

he gave me 5w40. But I know Nissan recommend 5w30.

he told me he was using it for extra protection for the engine? 

Has anyone ever heard of using 5w40 in the 2005 motor? Or should I go back to the 5w30


I have also checked my oil level and I do seem to be having a slight oil consumption issue but not major (1L over 2k miles) I’ve heard getting an oil catch can might help? 


Many thanks,


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Near enough makes no difference, don't worry about it. 


Some people swap to thicker stuff to help reduce oil loss, especially with the Rev Up models, but it also results in lower mpg, though it's pretty negligible either way.


If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and as long as you keep your oil topped it it'll be fine.

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I use Fuchs Race Pro S 5w / 40 from Opie Oils, although this year I had to get it elsewhere because they were out of stock.



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