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Random Power Loss


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I've noticed that occasionally, and seemingly randomly (usually after or during hard acceleration) the car makes a dull pop or thump (exhaust or clutch perhaps?), coupled with a sudden jolt in power (usually forcing the car to decelerate for a moment as if put into a lower gear, upsetting the balance of the ride) before returning to its previous state. This is when the vehicle is completely in gear, and can happen during both foot-down power and lift off engine braking. It may also be of note to mention that this doesn't seem to be linked to a particular RPM, volume of stress on the drivetrain, or wheel speed.


Has anyone had this issue, and if so, what could be the culprit? I hope to sort this out quickly, as I had this happen thrice in succession on a busy roundabout today, and would hate for the car to suddenly drift, slip or jolt in such a scenario.


Known issues with the car are intermittent CEL regarding exhaust-related sensors, as well as sometimes when putting the car into reverse, the clutch can be lifted all the way up with no bite at all, and the gear lever needs to be put into neutral, first, and back into reverse to correct the issue.


I believe the car is on its first and only clutch (70k mileage), although apart from the reverse issue mentioned, the gear changes are healthy and power transmission is perfect (minus the above mentioned, naturally).


The exhaust system is a Cobra which seems in good condition minus a bit if rust on the braces behind the muffler tips.


Could this be a sign that I need to get a new clutch, new exhaust system, or both?

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No Engine Warning Light? I've had two things that were similar - the first one was an intermittent loss of power that gradually got more regular. Turned out to be a dying coil pack. The other one I had, which sounds a lot more like yours (given the jolt you mention) was a faulty crank shaft sensor. Both showed up as EWL's.


My clutch was on the way out when I got it at 58k but have heard of them lasting a lot longer.


It sounds like you have a number of issues and need to get your Zed looked at by a decent garage who know what they're doing.

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