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350Z Engine Transplants

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Hi everyone,


I have not posted on here before or any other forums for that matter - a new world! ....so apologies if I am posting in the wrong place and asking silly questions.


I am thinking of using a 350z or 370z engine and gearbox to transplant into a Tornado comp safari car (currently with a rover V8) and wonder if anyone has any experience of doing this sort of thing. I do not have a bottom-less budget and will be doing the work myself.


I suppose the first question ought to be what are the engine and gearbox dimensions please. (length, width and height of engine and length of gearbox (including bell housing) to prop shaft input plus weight of dressed engine and gearbox).


I have had a good look online and cant find many of these dimensions anywhere.


If this looks like a feasible option I hope to join in to many more of your forums as the standard engine appears very powerful and strong (particularly when compared to the very old Rover V8).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.






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Firstly welcome to the forum Matt.


What you are proposing is doable but you will require a certain level of skill sets if you are proposing to carry out the conversion your self.


I have all the parts in stock that you will require including 350DE, 350HR and 370Z engine and gearboxes including cross members, prop shafts,

wiring looms and ECUs etc etc etc.


Once you have decided on what power plant you want then I can also provide you with the measurements etc.






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Hi Alex, 
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly
I was thinking of using the DE engine at this stage with the manual gearbox, are the engines different sizes? This would give me say 270bhp vs at most 180 bhp with the standard RRV 8 and higher torque. 
I have built various cars before so the mechanical aspects don't concern me, it's the electrical side I may struggle with as previously my projects have had good old fashioned carbs and points! Do you think it would be easier to run it with an after market ecu as I want to keep electrics as simple and reliable as possible. 
Once I have an idea of dimensions, I need to work out how to connect to transfer box and if possible move engine back as far as possible.  I am thinking of an Ashcroft remote version. The issue may be my car is 100 inch and I think the Nissan wheel base is 104, so it could be tight! Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained.... 
Kind regards, 

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