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Colour matching....


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Hi guys, been looking at spraying a spoiler I've bought I've done a test which quality wise fine, properly sanded and sprayed with rattlecans, 2k clear coat for durability then polished looks amazing. 


However the colour match isn't fantastic. I have a 54 plate red 350z, and I'm using holts spray paints (halfords don't cover the colour it seems) The red doesn't have quite the level of blue in that the car does so it looks overly bright. This is naturally because the car paint is 13 years old, while it's not the worst problem for a spoiler if I wanted to touch up parts of the car myself it would look naff even blended in a bit.


So what's the best route to get perfect matching colour in spray paint? Is it worth contacting them and seeing if they have a colour they'd recommend for a 13 year old car vs from new?

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Having just had spray work done on my red car - you are working with the worst colour, red oxidises over time much more than other colours. Even if I got the exact colour code for my car spraying it would result in a different shade and it is so obvious as well with red. I had to get a bodyshop to blend mine in (and it came out great). Otherwise all you can do is buy various shades of red and try repeatedly to get the right match (well as close as you can) which minimises the difference - to be honest I am so OCD about my car that any slight difference would bother me so got it done properly in a body shop and sucked up the cost.

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I agree but considering the amount of scratches and chips it's either a full respray in which case i'd rather go for a unique colour but do all the shuts and interior so silly money or just fix it myself over time when I can. It's not terrible but it bugs me and I feel if I did them in one go over a month it would be back to looking awesome and then possibly move onto wrapping it myself but I'm not going down that route until the paint's sorted.


Red is a pain but looks gorgeous when it's all washed and waxed! I guess I can fling them an email with a photo of their paint vs mine and see where we get to!

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