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No CEL but Z stuttering/misfiring?

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Right so I have a 2004 DE uk spec car with a hks supercharger. 


The car developed a misfire/stuttering but I have no CEL?


At idle it seems to come an go.  And during driving it’s fairly constant. 


I've pulled all the coilpacks in turn and could hear each cyl dropping when doing so. I also checked spark plugs and all seem fine. 


Any ideas where to head to now would be great. 






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I poped over to the Zed shed this evening after speaking with Bob and Chris, turns out coilpack 6 (obviously being the hardest one to get to) was breaking up. Swapped in a new one and she’s now perrrfect. As it was only intermittently breaking up it didn’t throw a code. But on the drive over the it finally gave up ge goat and died. 


Thanks again to chris and family for being so welcoming, friendly and helpful :) 

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