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Bought a lip spoiler from maxton products as I bought the boot spoiler from  them,lip spoiler was supposed be easy fix as the boot was and no need for paint as it was gloss black,

lined it up to check fit ,it does not fit as my car has a black rubber moulding type spoiler thing as standard below the bumper and I was not about to do any major surgery on car,so disappointed,so that has to go back.It gets worse, they delivered by ups, so I asked them to pick it up by ups , they said ok and would send me a uplift label to attach to box, got my label with instructions, wait for, take it to a collection point for return, so it had to go on my mates jeep to take it to the point.:rant::angry:

Next I decided to put on my heritage stripe,  have put on graphics before and my wife was helping me,she noticed creases on the graphics , but I thought just go ahead they will come out.

MY wife as she has done this sort of thing before said this vinyl is poor quality and very thin and the backing paper is not on correctly, she was correct  and it was another disappointment, :rant:graphics in the bin.

They say things come in three,s what next. 



We,ll next I,M looking for silicone air intake tubes any good recommendations:teeth:

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