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My rx7 fd3s daily *apexi ecu now fitted*

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Idler pully new belts and air pump blanking plates came this morning :). Waitinf for it to warm up before i attempt to fit anything.


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Air pump deleted and idler pulley fitted also aircon pump is gone now too and the pipes, il remove the rest of the aircon when i fit the new rad and front mount.


The car does idle alot better from cold now but once warm it drops down a fair amount and sometimes does sound like its struggling to keep running.


When removing the airpump i noticed a small weep of coolant from a hose behind the thermostat housing so put a new clip on that .


 i snapped a nipple off a vaccume box so im waiting on a new one to come now too.


Also ordered 30ft of silicone vaccume hose so i can redo all the rats nest with new hoses. Tim did do this for me but the different colour hoses hurts me inside and i want the car looking good.


The engine bay is starting to look alot better and once i paint a few things and install a few new nuts and bolts it shouldnt look too bad .


On the look out for a few new parts which are:


99 spec y pipe

99 spec rear lights

Apexi hand controller

Aftermarket downpipe


Hopefully shouldnt be too hard to find.


Thanks for looking.








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Just finished the rats nest and installed all new hose. Took ages as its very fiddly, broke a solenoid but lucky its at the front of the engine so i could put the manifold and everything back together still.


Heres all the old nasty hoses that came off the car, 4mm insted of 3.5 mm and also the silicone ones were so squidgy u could squeeze them together with min effort and the new hose u cant.


All the old rubber pipes were so brittle as soon as u touched them they litterally exploded. Snapped like as if they were plastic.


Heres a couple pics of the old hoses and a comparision to my new hose .


Hopefully its a job il never have todo again .


Will upload some pics when i fit the new solenoid but to be fair u cant see much as its all under the manifold .


Thanks for looking




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Yes it was a ball ache and to be fair its something i never want todo again, lost some skin on my fingers but i soldiered on haha .


Very fiddly job just glad its over with.


Hot Idle seemed much better now too which is good as it was fluctuating before.


Shes slowely getting there.


Also my feed downpipe came yesterday . Cant wait to fit this, i will have to plumb the boost controller back in but that shouldnt be too hard.



Thanks for looking :)


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