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Looking for a 370Z Roadster owner near Aylesbury


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I wonder if anyone near Aylesbury can let a local garage take a look at your soft top mechanism?


I own a 370Z Roadster, however the roof has a problem and parts are near-on impossible to get.


The mechanic says he can take a look at a working model, take some measurements, and fabricate the parts.


I would be very grateful if someone can help - there'd certainly be a drink in it for you!!!!


Wishing and praying,



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Hi Will370z


I will go back through posts - from memory, I did contact people from here but waiting for a 370z roadster to become available in a scrap yard is pretty slim.


MaRkY172 :



The roof mech has a major problem, previous owner must have snapped the brackets completely.


They tried to repair it, but looks like they made some wrong measurements and gave up.


The mechanic I found believes he can repair it - but needs to see one working and access to viewing some parts to take measurements.


Nissan, of course, are no help whatsoever.

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