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  1. i dont remember how to trigger aggressive mode
  2. Consider this: The Z comes stock with 3 ECU maps: -limp mode -normal -aggressive When the aggressive kicks in, you can definitely feel a difference. The UTEC essentially lets you run an "aggressive" mode all the time and gives you full control over the engine. The UTEC also has some safety measure that I dont believe other EMUs have. It detects engine knock and pulls timing to prevent engine damage immediately. I have experienced this first hand. It feel liks someone hits the brakes. Around my area, there are no Unichip tuners, so the UTEC is a great choice. It is hands down better than the other EMUs that come with most of the FI kits.
  3. http://www.350z-tech.com/zwiki/Part:Springs
  4. the vertex kit looks cheap to me..Do Luck is one of the best kits out right now.
  5. perhaps a sticky is in order http://www.350z-tech.com/zwiki/Air_Powe ... harger_Kit
  6. Oh sorry, I missed your question earlier. I purchased the HKS exhaust from www.intensepower.com. In case you do not know, I live in the US. The exhaust sounds very similar to the video/audio clips on my website. Those are what convinced me to buy it. It is one of the more expensive exhausts out there (besides titanium) and around 100-200 US dollars more than the APS exhaust.
  7. I went with the borla, and was no impressed with the fitment, quality, or sound. I took it off after 2 weeks and sold it. I then purchased the HKS exhaust and could not be more pleased. The sound is amazing. Fit and finish are superb. It is quiet when cruising, but when you mash the pedal, it screams!
  8. what would be a good time for you? I will be available all day saturday and sunday.
  9. To clarify the problem. The thread title needs changed, because it is not the JIC Y-Pipe, but the JIC 3" y-back exaust. It is also the JIC exhaust WITH resonator. You can buy the exhaust with or without the resonator.
  10. We are to the point of changing 350z-tech.com to allow guests to post. I know there are tons of people out there who just dont feel like registering.
  11. where do i submit my sponsorship proposal ? I could use a few bunnies laying on the Z.
  12. We have played with both ideas and found it didnt really matter which way we put the rules. On average the same number of guests registered per day.
  13. panel filter is a good upgrade...take the stocker out and look.. http://www.350z-tech.com/zwiki/Part:Air_Filters
  14. I wouldnt suggest paint, althought you could go that way. The Crawford and APS are metal and can be powdercoated any color you want. The Kinetix is plastic and could be painted, although I am not sure about how it would stand up in the long term.





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