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  1. They were Volk SF Challenge. Already gone to another forum user in exchange for the standard rims.
  2. Thanks anyway. Assuming they have been dipped? I am going for OE. Got a nice set of standard wheels last week to replace the big split rims that were fitted.
  3. Did better than that - Alex is 10 mins up the road from me. Met him last week, really helpful and knowledgeable. But all out of battery covers!
  4. Anyone have an intact battery cover going spare? My local dealer says the facelift model didn’t have one, clearly not correct... Thanks
  5. No longer available, thanks to all those who got in touch.
  6. Apologies all for the slow response. rears are 19 x 9.5 +36 with 275/35 ZR 19 Dunlop sport tyres. I estimate they are about one third worn. Fronts are 19 x 8.5 +34 with 245/35 ZR19 Falken FK453. They have very little wear at all. All need the rims polished and all have corrosion around the Allen bolts.
  7. Hi, do you have any front grill tow eye covers? 2006 facelift. Cheers
  8. As above, I have staggered 19’’ Volk SF challenge wheels. I bought the car with them fitted. I would prefer standard Rays / GT4 wheels if anyone is interested in a deal? Full details / photos available. Thanks
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