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  1. If you can get me a pic, I'll have a look at this one and compare. Cheers
  2. @ZMANALEX Would you have fuel filler neck for this and I assume it would fit an 04 DE hardtop? Thanks 👍
  3. Hi, New here! Purchased this 2004 DE around Christmas time. Got it fairly cheap as all 4 arches are bad and gearbox whiny/5th & 6th crunching. There were a couple of other minor problems (hot start issue that required new starter being the most annoying) Anyway. Over the last few weeks. I have stripped skirts and W brace and then subframe this weekend to try and get it cleaned up and treated and a few holes patched. 2 at aft end of sills and one on floor pan just fwd of w brace. Still need to pull fuel tank for this. If anyone can point me towards specific treatments? My plan at the minute is to try and get waxoyl up the inside of all the cavities. Then wire brush the worst bit of rust and treat with Dinitrol or similar?
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