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  1. 1983 TVR Tamsin 200 2lt pinto nice car but the 350 is more practical.
  2. Don't know not tried yet but the manual gives all the details from fault finding to repair so I will try if I have to.
  3. Mine is alot quieter now that I have sorted the ripped hood. I've not driven a hard top to compare it to but then again how many of the hard top owners have driven a soft top. I would say it is no worse than some of the hard top sports cars I've had.
  4. It does let in a bit more noise but with the roof down go find a tunnel
  5. l'm saying no I will keep it stock but there are so fun bolt on goodies. it already has a after market exhaust fitted so maybe one or two little mods won't hurt.
  6. Fitted my own and saved £450 only a days work with some basic tools Go soft top and hear the roar
  7. Thanks so 4x10 rivets it is then
  8. Hi can some one tell me what size and length the rivets are that hold the soft top to the frame? I think they are 4mm diameter but not shore what the length is.
  9. Hi So I have brought a 2005 Z roadster in orange it is a cat N but is a good base. Need the roof replaced and the drivers seat repaired but it has all most complete service history to 48000, With only 58000 on the clock it drives well and of course sounds great with a scorpion back dox. So I will keep you posted on the jobs as i get round to doing them. I'm shore there will be some questions for the assembled.



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