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  1. Hi, I know that there’s millions of threads on oil pressure... but I just wanted to put my mind at ease. On cold start, the oil pressure gauge in my car shows a whisker below 90psi. I’ve looked online and most people seem to have 90psi or more on cold start. Does it matter that mine is very slightly below 90psi? Oil level is okay and don’t seem to have any other issues. Thanks.
  2. Cheers for everyones inputs. I would never try to hide any sort of issue, but didn't want to lose out by more than the cost of getting it fixed if that makes sense.
  3. Hello, So I was considering selling my 2005 Nissan 350Z shortly, simply because I've scratched the itch so to say, and want to move on to something different. However, as I was driving down the motorway the other day, I noticed that the clutch must be just starting to slip. It's fine at low speeds, and driving through town, but when I put my foot down at about 60mph, the revs increased a bit more than they should have, before going back down, which I presume is a slipping clutch. Now the issue is, is it worth getting the clutch changed and then selling it, or cut my losses and just put it up for sale before getting the clutch done? Neither is going to be the most elegant solution, but I'm just wondering which is likely to leave me less out of pocket. Cheers, Tim
  4. t1m350


    Looks good. Is it a genuine one or a replica?
  5. t1m350

    Burning Oil?

    Okay thanks! I’ll make sure I keep checking it regularly then.
  6. t1m350

    Burning Oil?

    Yeah short trips, but I always let it warm up first. I’d say it’s over 1000-1500 miles.
  7. Hi, So I’ve been monitoring my 350Z’s oil level weekly over the last couple of months, and I’ve noticed that it dropped from around half full to around 1/3 full in about a month and a half. This doesn’t seem so bad. Today however when I checked it, it seems to have jumped from around 1/3 full to about 1/4 full, in a matter of just over a week. I don’t do many miles, so that factor hasn’t really altered. Is this normal? It doesn’t really smoke at all. Obviously, a good bet is to check the spark plugs, but I haven’t got round to doing so yet, should I be worried?
  8. Length of ownership: 3 months Price paid: £5,000 Spent during ownership: So far, only £70 for an oil change... Vehicle Mileage: 105,800 Rating /10: 9/10 Worst/Favourite Features: I love the sound, the power, the equipment, and the all round value for money. Things I'm not so keen on are the easily scratched interior plastics, and the fact there is nowhere decent to rest your arm on the centre console nothing major really. Fantastic car.
  9. There’s no record of it being changed, I’m planning on getting it replaced very soon though, so hopefully that’ll cure it. Thanks guys.
  10. Hi, I’ve recently bought a 350Z, it’s got 100,000 miles, seems to drive fine, pulls fine, engine feels and sounds fine. But under reasonably hard acceleration, it makes a funny smell... sort of an ‘off’ smell - hard to describe, but smells almost like halfway between rotting and burning. Any ideas what this could be? Thanks.
  11. Hi, reasonable condition would be nice, in black. Yeah it’s 6 speed.
  12. Hi, Has anyone got a genuine 350Z gearknob for sale? Thanks Tim
  13. Hi, So I've finally sold my car to fund a 350Z, but am not having much look trawling through eBay, Gumtree or AutoTrader. So I'm just wondering if anyone has for sale, or knows anyone selling, a 350Z Coupe for around £5k mark? Ideally under 100,000 miles and not modified (or only lightly). Not too fussed on year. Thanks Tim
  14. Thanks for the welcomes and thanks for the insight! Hopefully it’ll be okay then. One other thing - I noticed the temp gauge sat below the centre even though I drove it for a while. Does this mean faulty thermostat? Almost every other car I’ve driven the temperature gauge sits in the middle. Thanks.
  15. Hi! My name is Tim. I am 23 and I am hoping to buy a 350Z at the weekend... but here's the thing: It's a 53 plate with 90,000 miles on the clock. I have been warned about the piston rings/valve seal issues, and to look out for smoke coming from the exhausts upon cold start. I didn't get chance to check this when I went to view it the other day, as the car was warm. I will however check it before I hand over any money, and have requested the car be kept cold for my arrival. Obviously, if I see smoke, I should run right? But what if there is no smoke? Is it safe to presume, so long as I treat it well, it should last a fair while? And how much 'smoke' am I looking for? Sorry for all the questions! I just don't want to buy a dog. Thanks! Tim.





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