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  1. Hi guys couldn’t find an appropriate place to post this so I hope this is ok? Ive got a very noisy transmission and I know ‘they all do that sir’ but I’ve been doing research and want to find a way to actually rectify the issue. so firstly I’ve found that it’s the input shaft bearing which is coursing my issue however! I’m looking at just swapping my transmission out from my current DE motor to a HR transmission (CD009 transmission). Im just wondering if anyone has done this and how easy is it ? I know that they have different slaves so how would I go about that ? And does it have the same bell housing bolt holes? Im going to rebuild my transmission anyway but would be nice to use that as a spare! Many thanks , Matt
  2. I have a cobra cat-back sounds amazing! not to loud and doesn’t drone but sounds awesome when you put your foot down! you should check them out!
  3. Hi guys today I got home from work and my car was making a horrible rattle noise from gearbox area goes away when pressing clutch pedal so I’m saying clutch disc im looking to buy a new clutch kit and flywheel. Any suggestions ? All I seem to see is single mass fly wheels are these much different from the duel mass? Many problems switching to single mass? Need to get one ordered ASAP thanks guys, matt.
  4. When I say very low I mean tight fitment, im not doing this to just scrape on the floor lol (which hopefully I won’t be doing) thanks again!
  5. Hi guys, Im looking to buy some coilovers for my 350Z but I don’t want to waste £1300+ if they don’t go low enough! just wondering what coil overs people recommend for going very low? and and I’m going to be introducing camber arms for a slight bit of camber. Many thanks Matt.
  6. Exactly what I wanted thanks a lot mate!
  7. Haha how did I know I was going to get a few of these comments
  8. Hi guys I’ve recently purchased a few parts for my 2005 Z from Torqen (great service btw) and im looking for torque specs for the parts im looking to fit (front wheel bearing and under side “W” brace) does anyone know the torque specs for these and also know any websites that I can find all the torques for my car? (Don’t mind paying) Thanks, Matt
  9. Hi guys I hope someone can help, I bought my z a few months ago and when I did the guy I bought it off gave me a load of oil which he had been using for it. he gave me 5w40. But I know Nissan recommend 5w30. he told me he was using it for extra protection for the engine? Has anyone ever heard of using 5w40 in the 2005 motor? Or should I go back to the 5w30 I have also checked my oil level and I do seem to be having a slight oil consumption issue but not major (1L over 2k miles) I’ve heard getting an oil catch can might help? Many thanks, Matt.
  10. MevZee

    Arch roller

    I’m looking for an arch roller but before I buy one is anyone hiring one in the Midlands ??
  11. After a set of coilovers for my 2005 350z with top mounts included only want good condition coilovers please many thanks, Matt
  12. hi guys, my release bearing has stared to get noisy so i am going to just put a whole new clutch kit in! so i was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on kits that you have used and are okay to drive as a daily (not too heavy) Thanks, Matt
  13. Hi guys, recently purchased a 350z and I was wondering if there was any well known parts websites that’s you all recommend?
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