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  1. Very nice 03 silver 350 hardtop m60 bredbury about 2.45
  2. rjctrading

    Sump pan required 2006 350z

    Hi all, As title, I am after a sump pan for my 350z roadster, had the car on ramps today for the first time since buying it 3 months ago (couple of guards were loose) and noticed that the pan is pretty rotten and soaked in oil, any help greatly appreciated.
  3. rjctrading

    First post by roadster newbie

    Many thanks for the welcome, didn't notice before but heater not working fully, bled it as Zmanalex 's write up and now I have heat in cabin, wait for it to cool and start procedure again I guess to make sure all air is out. Thanks again.
  4. Hello to everybody. Live just outside Manchester. Bought this roaster about 6 weeks ago. Always wanted one and this came up at a reasonable price. 85000 miles. And loving it so far. Really wanted to go on the meet last Sunday (19th) up and around Skipton. Went to visit family the other side of Leeds instead. Unfortunately overheated in traffic on way home. Fans never cut in. Basically waited till cooled down then started it up and it was running on 4 or 5 cylinders for a minute or so. Got on motorway and it cleared and ran faultlessly all the way home. Been fine since. After i put about 2 pints of water back in. Doing a thorough check today to make sure temp sensor and fans work ok.