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  1. after a hr box that doesn't grind 😆
  2. Yeah what I though but wanted to be sure. Every other gear is perfect and never thrashed into 6th ever.
  3. Sorry of this isn't in the correct place (couldn't see a transmission/gearbox/drive line section) All of a sudden my 07 HR gearbox has started grinding in 6th gear. I've done allot of searching and can only find people with 5th and 6th grind not just 6th. My old DE did it but that was high mileage compared to my HR with 50k miles. The de actually eventually stoped grinding I think. But this is so strange. I flushed it and refilled it still still the same. Could anyone help. I believe it to be the synchro but shouldn't I also grind in 5th? Don't wanna have to get a new box 😅 An
  4. I don't have a before video but I'll post one of it how it sound now later on. Just the 2-3k rpm is loud. Other that that it's only loud when you give it some
  5. Hi everyone. Recently I've had my back box chopped off and done to 2 pipes out the back. Love the sound but I think it might be too loud. Is there any way in which I can get a quieter center box or any recommendations?
  6. 3niftyz

    Spacer size

    I've just fitted some 20mm hub centric spacers and just want a few mm more. Would have gone 25mm but because I'm lowered I'd get some rubbing. Can I use the thin shim ones along with my hub centric ones or is it not recommended?
  7. Hi all been a while since I was on. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I've just fitted some nice 20mm hub centric spacers just want a little more can I use the normal shims ones along with?
  8. After a little research I believe it to be the bury bluetooth control box or something to that sort?
  9. There is a box stuck to the underside of the "secret" glove box hideaway. Does anyone else have it / know what it does?
  10. Thanks everyone for the help and support. Let's see what today brings. Going to contact all the breakers and just for a laugh see how much Nissan would charge lol
  11. Oh no zmanalex just got back to me and he only has face lift version
  12. If zmanalex has the parts I will be a very happy chappy. Yeah I'm in the car electrics business and yeah the original Bose cd changer was shot anyway and like you say there coded. Doubt they will return it. TBH it's given me an excuse to upgrade the head unit. Question is do i get rid of the bose system or go full out and replace everything 🤔
  13. Hi all new to this forum âœŒï¸ The other day my 04 350z that I've had for 1 month has been broken into and the standard radio was stolen (god knows why) and they took all the centre console from the heater up to the oil, volt gauges. I've managed to get the gauges off eBay but can't seem to find the radio souround and cubby hole bit. I've saved for this car for the last 4 years and am absolutely heart broken. 😭 Someone please help and enlighten me where I might be able to get one!
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