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  1. Hey ya - glad you seem to be sorted - this should give you a bit of a chuckle after your initial stress. I'm following in your footsteps a little, picked my Zed up on the Sunday just gone and after a couple of work journeys had similar concerns I'd noticed what the pressures were doing. No issue with mine actually, because I read some topics on this forum and realised she's behaving quite normally BUT .. I figured I'd look at this dipstick reading issue anyway and check my oil level. I get it, it's confusing right? But again - this thread helped me so loving this forum! Mine was on the low side, but covered the "L" so not as low as yours was. Topped up a bit for good measure will read again at weekend. All good so far right? Until it came to replacing the dipstick. I took it out, didnt really take much notice of WHERE it came out from!! My old classic car dipstick went in around the bottom of the engine, pretty much just straight into the sump and without really thinking much I was looking around the lower end of my Zed engine, with my phone flashlight for at least 5 minutes to figure out where to put it back!! I even checked this forum with no luck.. When I finally noticed the bleedin obvious dipstick hole and where it is,..... Doh.. But what a joy to drive eh?... Best drive to work I have had in years that's for sure.
  2. Yep - took me around 3 months to take the plunge, and actually, some great info and tips from this forum, so you came to the right place. Even then I guess you probably don't know if you made the right choice until 3 months after too?!!
  3. Nice one zmanc. You and me in the same boat - and you're grinning like a maniac?..
  4. Cheers. Plans? Hmmmm... Mechanically it seems sound. Clutch, flywheel, timing chain kit, sparks, tyres, pads all done within the last 10k. MOT all the way to the end of next July. Exterior and wheels aren't quite how the photos make it look. So the plan it to just drive for first few months, be sure all ok, then bring her back up to snuff on the outside. Keeping her stock. I'm a bit of a classic car purist!! I like stock vehicles.. Bit too soon to be thinking of the zed that way mind you. (my previous hobby car was mid 50's!!) Cheers
  5. Happy days!!! Just drove my Zed home this afternoon
  6. Hi Mac. Just picked mine up today and going through that same learning process myself. :-D What a sweet ride when you get it right! And not half bad even when you get it wrong... That's what 2 hours driving has told me so far! Loving it.
  7. Nice one mate, looks nice indeed. Im counting hours now to get my hands on my one.. Tick tock..
  8. Oh I guess I should say it wasn't a public road ...!
  9. Hi there, got some great advice from you guys a couple of months ago. Thanks for fir that. On my limited budget it was a bit tricky but finally bought an 05 plate UK base model with 101k on the clock this week and collecting it tomorrow. 4 owners, Solid Nissan history at the same two garages up to 5 years / 90k miles ago, then lots of genuine looking receipts etc for the last 5 when it has mostly been just a weekend car. It pulled real nice and straight, sounded spot on up to 120mph with no suspicious noises that i could hear. Braked smoothly. The seller had no reluctance to put her through her paces down a fairly windy road for that speed :-o... . Compromised on the exterior cosmetics, needs a bit of tlc visually , but it ticked the boxes on the mechanics (as far as i could tell!) Front wing had a ding and it has a replacement with it, they seem easy to swap over so negotiated a bit so ive got some contingency money in my pocket and took the plunge!!! Looking forward to driving now, and keeping my fingers crossed a little.. Will post her up later. Cheers! Wish me luck....
  10. Wow - thanks for the replies, I'm afraid veeg33 my budget is already a bit of a stretch - nice motor though !! Good luck selling.. Thanks for the links and opinions.. good shout about the Service History and condition.. Hopefully in a month's time........
  11. OK, so my lad is taking his driving test next week, hopefully he passes, then he gets to use my everday car and I get to have a toy again!! Perfect excuse to get a 350Z which I have fancied for 10 years or so. Started to look - I've only got around £5000 to spend. What do you reckon guys? A younger car with higher mileage or older with less? Also thinking of going for an Auto, because a) I have become lazy in my old age 2) Less likely to have been ragged?.. But any advice gratefully received, they were my only thoughts. There seem to be a fair few examples on the Autotrader that fit the bill, but some general advice would be great. Looking forward to getting behind the wheel of a beast, the closest I got to this in the past was an Opel Manta GTE. That was fun but really scary, back in the day. Cheers!





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