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  1. I had the resonators removed & it has made it sound how I think it should have come from the factory. At low revs it hardly notices but it has a slightly deeper tone. Once you get it revving it sounds much better with a lovely rasp. I'm happy.
  2. Thanks for your reply, did it make much difference?
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before but I've tried the search & came up with nothing. I like the sound of the standard car (370) but would like it a bit louder but not too loud. Has anyone removed the standard resonators & replaced them with normal tubing, leaving the rear box in place? If so how much difference did it make to the volume & did the sound change as in get deeper or did it gain more of a rasp? Or did it make it sound awful? I'm not looking for performance gains just a bit more sound.
  4. Deposit paid yesterday, pick up a nice black GT coupe next Saturday
  5. Thank you I'll have a read. Thanks So do I
  6. Hi everyone, I've joined up as I've just started looking for a late low mileage 370Z. Only just started looking, hopefully I'll have the funds ready fairly soon so I can start the hunt more seriously. I want a GT coupe auto with all the toys. Any tips or hints of what to look for or anything to avoid? Advice greatly appreciated