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  1. moto

    350z/370z Essex area meet?

    I was at the October cars & coffee at the Museum of power, it was a good turn out & nice breakfast. I'll most likely be at the November meet.
  2. moto

    Exhaust resonator removal?

    I had the resonators removed & it has made it sound how I think it should have come from the factory. At low revs it hardly notices but it has a slightly deeper tone. Once you get it revving it sounds much better with a lovely rasp. I'm happy.
  3. moto

    Exhaust resonator removal?

    Thanks for your reply, did it make much difference?
  4. moto

    Exhaust resonator removal?

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I've tried the search & came up with nothing. I like the sound of the standard car (370) but would like it a bit louder but not too loud. Has anyone removed the standard resonators & replaced them with normal tubing, leaving the rear box in place? If so how much difference did it make to the volume & did the sound change as in get deeper or did it gain more of a rasp? Or did it make it sound awful? I'm not looking for performance gains just a bit more sound.
  5. Deposit paid yesterday, pick up a nice black GT coupe next Saturday
  6. Thank you I'll have a read. Thanks So do I
  7. Hi everyone, I've joined up as I've just started looking for a late low mileage 370Z. Only just started looking, hopefully I'll have the funds ready fairly soon so I can start the hunt more seriously. I want a GT coupe auto with all the toys. Any tips or hints of what to look for or anything to avoid? Advice greatly appreciated