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  1. Hi guys, Bought my lovely roadster home last night and have had the roof up and down 3 times today. I went out for a final drive early evening with the "mrs" and she asked to put the roof up at 7pm (outside temp about 9/10 degrees). I pulled over and pressed the button and it did it's thing but unfortunately stopped at the last stage and wont close fully! The red warning light came on and the windows wouldn't shut! Waited for a while as roof up/down button stopped working. Tried again and again to no avail. Now the roof wont close completely or open even a little bit. Had to drive home holding roof down with our hands. Any suggestions would be greatly received. Roof is currently open a little at the front. Gutted as only had the car 1 day!
  2. Thanks Jurassic Are you a Black Rose roadster owner too?
  3. Thanks, does the 350z one fit the 370z? I have seen links to a stubby RDX Honda one but it was for a 350z. Also, don't the fleabay one's have crap reception?
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the direction of the best and cheapest stubby aerial for the 370z roadster? I have searched through many posts on here but only seem to see results for the 350z? Many thanks, Mark
  5. Hi guys! I have just sold my Honda S2000 and have put a deposit down on a beautiful black cherry 370Z Roadster. Can't wait to collect her! I was a member of the S2k forum and this proved an invaluable support. I am now hoping that you guys may be able to answer a quick question. The car has parking sensors installed but when put in to reverse there are 2 audible sounds ( a longer loud fairly continuous beep and a another much quieter beep-beep-beep which i am used to as this gets quicker until you need to stop). The problem is, i could hardly hear the beeping to tell me when to stop as it was so faint and the other noise was pretty loud. Does anyone know whats going on? Broken? Faulty sensors? 2 systems working at the same time? Typical/normal behaviour? Many thanks guys! Mark



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