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  1. Got back late last night from a 4 day scotland road trip covering 880 miles. Was a fantastic few days with very mixed weather which gave the roadsters roof some excercise by having to be dropped and raised very regularly!

    We traveled north on the A697 then on to Perth to visit my wifes mum. We spent the night in Perth and then moved north on the A9 for two great nights in Inverness. Did Loch Ness and over to Skye. Came back via Fort William, Oban then down to Inverary, Continued home past Lomond and joined the M74 to Carlisle, then back over to Newcastle on the A69.

    Spoke to a Z owner from Bristol at the Commando memorial at Lochaber who owns a silver 06 roadster. He didnt have the Z with him unfortunately. He's an OC member but I didnt get his name. He was a nice fella and I could have stood chatting all day. 

    Only spotted one Z on the entire trip. This was a blue roadster identical to mine traveling past Loch Lomond. Waved but didnt get any response. 


  2. So how old is our oldest club member?


    Dicky, I know your driving an 04 which I expect would be a coupe but, what colour is it? 

    I'm obviously not too far from you.. Where in the Toon are you?

  3. 35 minutes ago, Dicky said:

    Oh I just assume at 73 I’m older than everybody :)

    Im 58 Dicky. Not as old as yourself but certainly past the first flush of youth by a long chalk!


    Corrosion is on my list of jobs to do next year. Considering my options and looking at the cost.

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  4. 2 hours ago, EEz said:

    Cheers for the welcome guys..


    couple of pics, completely standard as far as I can tell currently (although I think the gear leaver boot has been changed!!


    Motor is in great nic full nissan service history (looks as though it had the “big” service every year! 
    body work needs bits done, bit of a crack and a dodgy spray on one front corner and the plastic panel on the back for the roof is bubbling a bit.. wheels need refurb, may go for new..

    not sure on weather to mend the front and stick a lip on or possibly go aftermarket and skirts etc.. here is how it stands currently! After a good clean and detail today!








    Thats a good looking Roadster. Looks like youve found a good one!

    How does it compare to the S2000?

  5. The feel of the clutch on my 05 DE has suddenly changed, would I be right in thinking its likely to be the Slave Cylinder?

    I've not had any slip issues and the change was sudden. Gears are still changing ok with no fluid loss. 

    My car is stock by the way and I believe its on the original clutch at 43000 miles.  

    Which Slave Cylinder should I replace it with, OEM or upgrade? 

  6. I clean my roof with soap and a nail brush, I then seal it with FABSIL. I do it once a year and water beads well. 

    I apply the FABSIL with a sponge making sure the edges and stitched areas are coated well.

    My car is an 05 and still on its original roof which is in excellent condition.

    I had one small tear about 3mm long. Fixed it from the inside using a STORMSURE patch, made the repair two years ago and its not budged. 



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  7. Also longest i've owned a car at 4 years.

    Considered selling during the winter but decided to hang on to it as couldnt decide waht to replace it with. 

    Its an 05 with 43k and still in good shape.



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  8. I repaired a very small tear of about 5mm in my roof last summer using Stormsure tape. I put the tape on the inside of the roof and it seems to be holding up well.

    You'll pick it up dead cheap on E Bay. Might be worth a try....

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