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  1. I have a pair of silver rear mud guards for sale, which I no longer need as I have sold my car. Brand new in box, genuine Nissan parts, with all fixings. £55 delivered.
  2. Vortech V3 parts now reduced! £55 Free delivery
  3. Yes, everything has now sold, except the charger bits! :-)
  4. Great, thanks for letting me know! :-)
  5. [ I'm usually days behind on here, but may have got in in time for a nice set of new facelift rear tails this time Hopefully. £290 is a great price for brand new lights. Says he doesn't want to ship to Northern Ireland. Help me convince him it's really not bad WE'RE NOT ON ANOTHER PLANET!!! Look forward to seeing them fitted at the next meet. You might have to modify the connector slightly, give me a shout if you need. Pretty easy to figure out though. TNT courier think you are obviously they wanted £51
  6. Cool! I think this weekend should be fine
  7. Great, O.k, that should be fine. I just need to check with the boss, but she wont be back until much later tonight, so i'll have to get back to you tomorrow, about day and time etc
  8. Yes, that's very possible too! Think I should be about??
  9. Not really sure what you mean, but it looked like this on my car
  10. Cool, all yours! I'll pm u the payment details within the next few hours :-)
  11. I'm afraid I already did! I needed something with more seats etc. Noooooo... What did you get? I bought an Audi S3, haven't taken any pictures yet, but here's the one from the add! Its totally different to the 350z supercharged beast! but still a lot of fun and very easily tunable, and has a lot more seats and a big boot!
  12. I'm afraid I already did! I needed something with more seats etc.
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