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  1. Get a full refund and drive the car through their showroom window! it's the least they deserve. I had everything in writing and they still got their solicitor on to me. Stand your ground and you will win. Let them win again and they will just tuck the next person up
  2. I did invoke my consumer rights on them. their solicitor got involved, I stood my ground and ended up with a full refund. The law is on your side
  3. Yeah that was me. I did get a bit of Z Jel as I saw your mint Black 370Z lol. Plate is BLO 2 JAW I was on my way to boxing training lol.
  4. Just got back yesterday. It wasn't fun it was business lol
  5. First was a black 370 in Chicago Monday then a rag top 370, looked really nice and so was the driver! black 350 looked a bit worse for wear! then a brand spanking new black 370 outside the Nissan showroom in Cincinnati yesterday nice wheels on both the 370s
  6. Great quick delivery. Took the time to ensure that the part I asked for was actually the part I needed! Top bloke Ewan. Will definitely use these guys again. Cheers
  7. Just stumbled on this post as I was about to post about my recent 350Z private purchase which I will post in another thread. BTW I went from a 911 to a 350Z too. Junction 17 uhmmmm well I am another purchaser from these guys. It was about 4 years ago (I can get all the facts if anyones interested) I went all the way up there from Brighton and viewed a kit car 355 based on an MR2 turbo. It looked pretty good and the test drive was ok. There was a long list of bits that I wanted doing before I agreed to purchase it. They agreed with it all so I paid a deposit. The agreement was to deliver the car to me after all the fixes were done. They kept going back on their word for when it was being delivered and what they had agreed to repair/replace. I had at this point paid all of the £9000.00 (yes I hear you shouting you doughnut Mark). They told me also that the car had gone through HPI and no problems. At this point I was getting worried so I did a quick HPI check, turned out the doner vehicle had been written off! Cutting the story short, months passed with no reply apart from we are going to just drop it off to you to which I replied I will turn it straight back round and send it back. I sent them a letter telling them unless I received a full refund I would be taking it further and invoking the sale of goods act 1979 (as amended). I then received a letter from their solicitors threatening me. It got very heavy I stood my ground and I beat them because their solicitor slipped up in writing. I got a full refund. It is possible to beat these people and the law is on your side so if you want more details and assistance to get somewhere with them please contact me and I will see if I can help.
  8. PMed you. Ebay and I had it delivered!!!!! yep I am a doughnut lol
  9. Yeah not happy and wouldn't of seen the problems unless I had the condenser changed. about 30 cable ties and duck tape holding the front end on.
  10. Hi, Bought my car as a CAT D repaired from a front end smash last November. All looked ok! and was assured by the seller that it had been done to a high standard. Further inspection showed when I had the front bumper off that it was repaired by a muppet - cable ties holding it all together with additional strength gained with duck tape! Anyways apart from the condenser being smashed, now replaced. and the rad floating around and bashing into the fans! the inner arch on the nearside has dropped and my tires have eaten most of it. From previous posts 2012 I can see that it comes in two halves, anybody got one for sale or can point me in the right direction to buy 1. I did notice an aluminium upgrade was available quoted in the 2012 post. Cheers all
  11. sounds like a plan. Do you work from home?
  12. Perrywood Business Park Honeycrock Lane
  13. Not a bad little place really, pass it every night and kept seeing the air con sign. I used to do air con as a mobile business but couldn't be arsed to get my gear back out to re-gas it, so got them to do it. turns out it had a leak caused by the front end smash it had before I got it which pushed a bracket straight through the condenser. (funnily enough the bloke that sold it to me didn't mention that!) they take care of your car, everything gets a cover on it before they work on it, seat, floor, handbrake, gear knob and steering wheel. they even washed the car and tyre blacked the tyres and they only did a 2 hour job on it. Worth a look if you need some bits doing.
  14. Yeah I am a tad lighter in the wallet department now!





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