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  1. Hi all,


    Today plugged my jdm 350 into an obd 2 as Iit randomly died on me while driving today. Cranked back over fine but definitely a loss of power as all revs no grunt etc. No ecm, slip light etc came on though but wanted to check. Got these come up on the reader :


    P0327 knock sensor/circ-b1

    p0340 cmp sen/circuit b1


    am i right in thinking check the wiring loom first? Are there any known spots where the wire could go? Or is it more likely both sensors are gone and replace.



  2. Hi all,


    I've tried to Google but can't find an answer so I'm gonna have to ask, is a UK IPDM interchangeable with a JDM one? Mine JDM IPDM has given up the ghost in my import and its going to be easier to get a UK replacement.


    Obviously things like ECUs are different but this im not sure. Any help appreciated:)

  3. 4 hours ago, Payco said:

    Guys the event is on but I dropped a massive ball yesterday not realising it was the same day as a classic car show my car is already entered in so I cannot do Brands. Feel free to organise directly.


    Many apologies.




    Happy to take this over and book a club stand if we get the minimum 10. Not done it before but will give it a go!

  4. 13 hours ago, ZMANALEX said:

    I know that you say that there is no EML showing but are there any stored DTCs?


    Faulty front O2 sensors spring to mind but that should throw an EML.


    Could be numerous things but it is getting late and my brain is getting a bit tired. lol.


    ps: Dirty/blocked air filter element perhaps.

    No stored codes, and regards to and O2 sensor, that was one of my thoughts but yer, no eml. I'l give the air filter element a look, see whats its like, I have a Takeda short ram intake but never had a problem with that before and i've cleaned that all up

  5. So I've been racking my brains over this and I have no other ideas on what to do next. Long story short, my Z had been laid up for a while and I decided to put her back on the road, sailed through the MOT all fine no issues etc. About a week later, she developed a misfire, so I replaced all the sparks and ignition packs, the car began running rich, loss of MPG. A couple of days later, I went over a horrible sleeping police man which destroyed my OEM Cats. had to drive home with the wrecked ones still on and, according to the mechanic, it was just a molten mess in them where it wasn't releasing any fumes. So I put my old decat pipes on. Still running rich, massive drop on the MPG, but no misfiring but has a rough idle, occasionally pops when I put my foot down.


    Since then I have done the following:

    Replaced the valve rockers as gaskets leaking

    Installed plenum spacer

    Cleaned all the throttle body

    Clean all the plenum chamber

    Cleaned the air intake

    Replaced the MAF sensor

    Done the pedal dance for ecu reset, throttle idle position etc


    And still the bloody thing is running rich and I have no clue why. The car isn't displaying any eml lights or anything but I just can't work out whats with the rich fuel mix and drop in MPG and when I say a drop, I'm getting roughly 14mpg. I will, once everything is over with this pandemic be getting it tuned and putting high flow cats on which should help but other then that I can't think of what else it could bethat it is still causing it. Would appreciate any suggestions :)

  6. Anyone know where I could possibly get a new weatherseal for the drivers side a pillar? Was replacing the a pillar and noticed that the think rubber seal you remove before accessing the a pillar screws is starting to perish. Cheers in advance 

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