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  1. Had a Gr in SIlver for four years , great car, ultra reliable, great fun for the moneyí ½í¸ƒ
  2. My roof over s the same as yours, it seems the most common failure point, going to take it to a trimmer to get it professionally repaired until I get a new roof.
  3. I have a storm force too a very good cover!
  4. Sorry can you give me the approx weight as well please?
  5. I am very interested, just trying to get a courier price, leave it with me please, what is your postcode please.
  6. How far do you want to travel? What do you need doing?
  7. ok all, so the time has come to look at replacing my Roadster, so I am after some help please, I am in Suffolk, so I am trying to find someone in East Anglia that can supply and fix. So any of you out there know of someone who can do this for a reasonable price? As always your help is much appreciated .
  8. Just had a Cobra Resonated fitted, and its amazing!!! can recommend it highly ...................love that sound!!
  9. Welcome along glad to see another member in Suffolk!!!!
  10. So eventually after a couple of false starts my new Cobra exhaust is on my car, the quality is fantastic and the sound is amazing, just want to keep driving it!!!! Big thanks to cougar stores for supplying it at a great price, it just makes grin when I drive it!!😀
  11. Roland Rat


    A big thanks to all at Cougar store, can t wait for my exhaust to come!!!
  12. Tractor Boy here, me and my 2 sons will be at Portman Rd, Come on you Blues
  13. Wow what a bargain! Great looking z and of course the best as the roof goes down!!! Enjoy
  14. Welcome along"............and so it begins!
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