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  1. You would have to double check with Paul @TDI North but I am sure he said 310ish, as I said to me the figure is just that a figure to show improvements. Whats more important is how it transformed the car in the real world. The throttle response is now instant, and you can feel the power of the V6 pushing the car forward. I am going to have the Plenum spacer fitted next month and will make sure the car is full of optimax and will ask Paul to give me the figures and will let you know.
  2. I can't wait to see what difference it makes. I have a plenum spacer, typhoon CA induction, sports cats and Miltek exhaust so am hoping for some decent gains/improvement. Do you have any mods? This is the car if you want more information http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/62704-04-azure-blue-gt-pack-plus-mods/page__st__20
  3. I can't wait to see what difference it makes. I have a plenum spacer, typhoon CA induction, sports cats and Miltek exhaust so am hoping for some decent gains/improvement. Do you have any mods? Had to find the car in the for sale section to get the list of modifications. When I took it to TDI North i was low on petrol so had to but 97 ron in to get me off the motorway. I am going before Christmas to have the plenum spacer fitted and it remapped with proper fuel in it. I think from memory the mods below gave about 312bhp, but I would check with Paul at TDI North as was not really paying attention, as I trust him to map it correctly. Exterior Nismo V2 replica front bumper with Cannards (Dec 2011). Gio Cuzzo replica rear spoiler (Dec 2011). Black Door handles and Z badges. 18' Rays Engineering alloys in Black. Stumpy S2000 Aerial. 2007 model LED rear lights. Carbon Fibre B Pillars. Interior Usual GT pack equipment, Heated leather seats, Cruise control, Built in sat nav etc. Custom door builds with uprated front FLI intergrator 6 speakers. Sony Double-Din Touchscreen DVD head unit (May 2012). Leather gear gaiter with blue stitching (Dec 2011). New boot mat with blue stitching (Dec 2011). Rear Boot Strut sprayed to match bodywork (Dec 2011). Mechanical BC racing fully adjustable suspension (Lowered 10mm). Scorpion Cat back exhaust. Japspeed race manifolds. 20mm rear spacers. Varta blue Top battery (Dec 2011).
  4. I thought I had escaped it and was going to sell the car, but it seems I have also caught the disease. But on the plus side it does make you grin!
  5. I am no mechanic, how long and easy would these to fit for a mechanic? Might be bullying a mate into fitting them.
  6. I was thinking of getting rid of my 350z as was disappointed with the performance of the car. I took it to Paul at TDI North and had this done to my car. Safe to say big grin on my face and will now be keeping the car. It transforms the car to how the car should have come out of the factory. Would have no quibbles recommending this modification to any owner.
  7. Really looking forward to eventually making it go and stop and corner so much faster, off to read all about which mods are best. From my experience with my type r it is not just about power.
  8. Decisions decisions decisions, Blue or Gun metal grey.
  9. Tough call, the looks amazing and I appreciate the value of the mods when bought.
  10. Very tempted, just waiting for my notice period at the bank
  11. As above did you sell the car as the gumtree advert is no longer there?
  12. Not sure if I could live with it everyday?
  13. I noticed on the Sat Nav that it had Belper on it, where abouts are you located I live in Derby.
  14. Good to see you guys on here. Hopefully you can reproduce the fine work you did on my civic, on my 350Z when I find the right one.
  15. Hi All Joined to take advantage of your collective knowledge, looking to purchase a 350, and make a few friends along the way. Mental note to self try not to visit TDI North too soon after buying it. Paul





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