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  1. Sorry but I sent it to it's new owner today. If it doesn't fit his car them maybe you can buy it off him.
  2. As I've sold my car I have the cargo net forsale. I'm pretty sure it only fits the roadster. Looking for £20 delivered I'm in Surrey so if your near collection is possible.
  3. Nice chaps at Tradelink pleasure doing business with you. Hope whoever buys it enjoys it as much as I did.
  4. Reluctantly it is still forsale. I'll get a decent picture of the rip today for you. Since buying the car I've always used a Snap on seat cover (apart from when I moisturise the leather) If your close come over for a cuppa
  5. Depends what the bike is going to be used for. If you want some knee down hooligan fun then the Aprillia RS125 is great or if you want a sensible commuter then as you said the YBR is great value. If your over 25 then as suggest just do the full test and get something you can grow into....
  6. Sam, Sounds expensive to me. Check the Zeds forsale section on the forum for better deals.
  7. dErZ

    350z wanted GT pref

    Nice one mate, enjoy
  8. dErZ

    350z wanted GT pref

    I know its a trek mate but Sly at http://www.kaizermotor.co.uk/ can do you a very good deal on a P3 + Plugs. Mail him and see what the damage will be. Dont forget you will probably need coolant and belts done too if they havent been done already.
  9. dErZ

    350z wanted GT pref

    If your down near Boxhill during your search pop into mine for a brew and a gander at the car/bikes good luck with your search mate.
  10. dErZ

    350z wanted GT pref

    Richf, where in the SE are you? Id love to have a go in the Skyline and in return you can have a go in my DE.
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