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  1. I currently have a Z4M and previously owned a 2006 350z 300 GT. Dynamically the Z4M is quite far ahead. The engine is an absolute peach and it is faster and sharper than a 350z. The best was I can describe my opinions of the engines is that the S54 feels like it was designed for its purpose as a high performance engine whereas the VQ35 was designed for a SUV and modified to be suitable for a performance car. The only disadvantage with the running costs is you have to factor in the valve clearances being done every 28000 miles apart from that the running costs/mpg are similar. M
  2. That car is in Arlesford in Essex isnt it, about 5 minutes from my house, the owner of the garage used it as his own car for a while I think. Havent seen it close up but that garage is usually pretty good.
  3. Already sold sorry mate. Please lock
  4. Looks like your offsets are a bit out as well!
  5. Hi all I have a genuine Nissan cargo net for sale. Used in my 350z for around 3 months before I sold it. Really handy to stop shopping etc sliding around. £35 delivered
  6. In my opinion the Gti-6 has the better engine. Very underrated car, still outdoes cars like the Fiesta ST and its 15 years old!
  7. Yeah it depends what it was registered as when it was imported, If its a PLG its cheaper......i think! Someone correct me if im wrong
  8. I wouldnt waste your time with the Clio if your taking a child in it. They are only good when your ragging the nuts off of them. Also the trophy has the big recaros so I am not sure how you would get on with a child seat (assuming its a very young child). ...not forgetting the awful interior
  9. Looks like a con to me. Gumtree is full of them!
  10. Bakes100

    2 Owners?

    Buy it, its perfect.
  11. Bakes100

    2 Owners?

    I disagree with this. If you can afford monthly payments, then you can afford the car. My arguement is based on buying a car for that price, when you could have a better one for the same price. I have bought 4 cars on finance, all spread over 4 years. Although granted, I negotiated 0%-2% interest on them all. True, maybe it is just that taking 4 years to pay off a car that is already 5 years old isn't something I would personally do
  12. Bakes100

    2 Owners?

    Echo above, why are you buying a car you clearly cannot afford (paying it off over 4 years proves this) when you could easily buy a perfectly good 350z with under 50k for 5k less! Also with that low mileage its been sitting around for long periods which is never good for a car.
  13. Bakes100

    2 Owners?

    50 months?!?! Low mileage or not, do realise your paying around 13K for one that isnt even a HR? Personally I wouldnt even pay more than 11k for a HR.
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