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  1. Interested in the item but too far a trek for me to collect item, unless your willing to post item?
  2. Hi all, Following from what this tread is talking about, i found the follow on Ebay, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200796901923? ... 918wt_1163 just wondered if anyone on here have tried it. as it mentions that the kit will allow an Evo 6-9 calipers to fit onto a 350z with 345mm discs. I am in the process of changing discs and pads on my 350 GT4 and it might be a possible route to take, if not the dba 4000 with bell housing/DS2500 as my original option. Thanks. Wayne.
  3. Just had them fitted by Bennett yesterday, had a good test run after the install, and what a joy to drive on the journey back. Notice a difference in torque around the mid-range. The item was in excellent condition and Bennett is a top notch guy. Thanks.......
  4. Just popped over to GT4 Zed have the mrev2 installed. The unit was in excellent condition and Bennett is a top notch guy. The drive back was a enjoying drive noticed the difference in the mid-range torque even tough i didn't install the spacer or up-rev tune yet. Very happy with the whole thing, had a good test run afterwards as well. Thanks Bennett...........
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