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  1. Sadly up for sale is my mint condition Jaguar F-Type S - 375bhp with all the fancy twiddly bits for adjusting suspension and "stuff" :teeth:

    This car is in showroom condition with  the application of PPF to  the front preventing stone chipping and comes fully loaded and the rarest (and best) colour - Italian Racing Red. 
    Panoramic Glass Roof
    Powered Tailgate
    Auto adaptive lights
    Performance Seats (heated) with red stitching and red seat belts 
    Multi-function flat bottomed leather steering wheel
    Auto power-fold mirrors 
    Reversing Camera
    Black Pack
    Heated Windscreen
    Comes with the next 3 years of free servicing (5 year service plan).


    up for sale for £43,900


    you would be getting a top spec absolutely beautiful car (£73k from new) - a complete head turner ...... and the sound from the twin exit exhaust is brilliant with pops and bangs on the over-run.


    The last picture shows the PPF being applied















  2. 3 hours ago, docwra said:

    I finished up buying Sony KD43XE8396, the picture was a bit better than LG, particularly on 4K and I like the Android OS. 


    If you have limited space check with a bit of cardboard before committing though, I was going to be 49 inch but it wouldnt have actually fitted in my front room, Id have had to open the window to watch telly :lol:


    exactly the same happened to me - hence why I've come down to 43" .......... its still a bit on the large size for the corner its going in ......... still some sacrifices have to be made ;)

  3. 2 hours ago, ATTAK Z said:

    Don't suppose there's much construction going on for you to check out anyway :)

    I've been telling 'em all to put down their trowels ........... frozen mortar only means one thing ............ but they still try :wacko:

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  4. no games, just films and TV - I also plug the laptop in to watch some streamed or alternatively erm.... acquired media ;)

    not going for wireless satellite speakers now - just a fair to decent sound bar with wireless subwoofer


    have also looked at this one - Panasonic TX50EX750B paired with a Panasonic SC-HTB488EBK soundbar - price quoted for this package is £950.00 ??

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